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LINTEC (China) Technologies Ltd is incorporated in China for the Sales, After-sales, Marketing and Distribution of the fabricated products of LINTEC & LINNHOFF Holdings Pte Ltd, namely, LINTEC Containerized Asphalt Mixing Plants, LINNHOFF Asphalt Mixing Plants, EUROTEC Conventional and LINTEC Containerized Concrete Batching Plants.

For customers’ convenience, the products are complemented with auxiliary equipment associated with the main plants’ production needs or tailored based on customers’ requirements. Its current geographical region covers China, certain parts of Africa and Central Asia.

Historically, Eduard Linnhoff of Berlin, Germany, pioneered the Asphalt Mixing production technique in the 1960s with his patented Screen Drum Rotation on mounted rollers installed in containerised built-up format on multiple stacked ISO standardised containers. It enables speedy erection of a complete plant. Subsequent diligent R&D improvements in all related design and operational efficiency made both Linnhoff and LINTEC the leading brand names worldwide.

With the evolution of the changing business environment and optimising production cost, the main production base was shifted to China. However, the technology and main equipment of the plants still use updated versions of the foreign imported equipment.

The merits of the rotating double screen drum and the containerised design innovations are that heat loss is reduced during the material transfer production process and erection of plant requires only a week utilising a mobile crane.

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