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LINTEC China Ltd, a subsidiary of LINTEC & LINNHOFF Holdings Pte Ltd, is established in Jiangyin, China, to serve the production needs of its sister companies in the Group. Their main focus is on the production of LINTEC and LINNHOFF range of Asphalt Mixing Plants, including Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant series. EUROTEC and LINTEC range of Concrete Batching Plants, LINNHOFF Gussasphalt Cooker, and Gussasphalt Finisher also forms an integral part of the product sales.

The R&D, including Engineering and Design, is done in-house within the factory premises. After-sales service, training, and manpower supply services to operate plants are provided to customers upon request.

Being the center of production and R&D ensures that consistent quality and progressive innovation are provided as value-added services to customers. The pioneered Screen Drum technology, which originated from Germany, is a major operating component of the standardised ISO containerized engineering design of LINTEC and LINNHOFF asphalt plants. This technology was revolutionised and patented by Eduard Linnhoff in the 1960s and has proven its reliability through the test of time.

Total Quality Assurance Control system developed in every aspect of production assures that all products conform to required technical specifications. Variations to standard configurations to meet clients’ requirements are commonly produced.


  1. Containerised Asphalt Plant (CSD Series)
    Capacity range: 80,120,160 and 240 tons / hour
  2. Containerised Asphalt Plant (CSM Series)
    Capacity range: 160,240,320 and 400 tons / hour
  3. Hot and Cold Recycling Plant (HRC and CRC Series)
  4. Gussasphalt plant CDD 1200 GA with capacity 20 ton /hour
  5. Ancillary Equipment for Asphalt Mixing Plants
  6. Containerised Concrete Mixing Plant (CC series)
    Capacity range: 60, 80, 120 and 240 m3 / hour
  7. MZ Horizontal Concrete Mixing Plant
    Capacity range: 90, 120, 150, 200 and 250 m3 / hour
  8. Portable Concrete Mixing Plant
    Capacity range: 60,85,72,90 and 120 m3 / hour
  9. ECO Concrete Mixing Plant
    Capacity range: 30,50,60 and 90 m3 / hour

Disclaimer: Capacities are as per standard performance conditions. Rights for improvement and alteration to specifications above reserved. Errors and omissions excepted.

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